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WE WOULD LOVE TO WELCOME YOU TO BARCELONA, one of Europe's most visted cities. Barcelona is the second biggest city in Spain and the capital of the autonomous communitie of Catalonia with totally four provinces; Girona, Barcelona, Lleida and Tarragona. Barcelona city has around three million habitants. The official languages are Spanish and Catalan, all dough Catalan is the dominating Language and most of the signs are written only in catalan.

We are
We are a small low budget accomodation and our intentions are to offer the best price/quality relationship in the most valuated area in Barcelona, Sagrada Familia.

- Centrally located in the highly appreciated area of Sagrada Familia, in walking distance to most of the tourist attraccions.
- Personal attention with integrity. We give you a city map and the information you need to explore Barcelona and we give you the choice to take care of yourself or if you want us to clean your room, call a taxi for you, etc.
- Very well equipped rooms. All rooms have private bathroom,  air conditioner, refrigerator, microwave, electric kettle, toaster, safety box and hair dryer. Some of the rooms have balcony and/or a small kitchenette.
- Elevator
- Coffee and tea for free all stay
- Free wifi that works very good
- Multilingual staff that speak English, Spanish, Swedish, French, Some Italian, Portugues, German and Hebrew

A WORD FROM THE OWNER CHRISTRINA: Spain is one of the few countries in Europe that doesn't alloud Bed and Breakfast and Catalonia, in particular is very strikt when it comes to tourist accomodations. BARCELONA ROOMS 294 started as un non registrated bed and Breakfast for more that 10 years ago and each year suplied for licens for BnB with only answer that they still didn't had any resolution and could't give as any licens. In 2013 we saw ourselfs obligated to make a move and an opportunity opend up for us to rent an entire floor in the same house where we were working as BnB. We wanted to incorporate the BnB in our new locals, but were stopped by the Catalonean tourist accomodation laws that, as the only place in Spain, require 2.50m ceiling hight and our BnB messured 2,40m. That ment for us that instead of beeing able to archive 13 rooms, we only had 7 room. Even if we had 7 rooms that filled the requirements, due to the unjuste demands of to be able to offer a handicap room and an additional handicap toilet if you had between 5-50 room (!) and as the elevator in the buiding was "to small" we were ending up with a licens for "HOSTAL" * with only four legitimate rooms. When we finally bought a flat at base level and had got the permission to build a new tourist accomodation, a new governant came to the throne, Ana Collau, and in very short period of ruling, with no anticipation, she just "closed" the licens posibilities and hundreds of people were left out with billion of Euros inverted in permissions, real estates, time, etc., that from one day to another, our inverted money were stolen from us. So, now we stand with one Guest house of 4 rooms, with real potetional of 13 rooms, and with an entire flat of 220m2 with 12 rooms, to no use. We, and all of us in the same situation need your support to make a change, tell people, spread the word of this injusties, and pray that they'll at least give us a chance to finish our prodjects and be able to make our living and also contrubute in taxes to the Catalonian Goverment.